p05_NGDORenew Life specializes in digestive health and when ever they introduce a new product to their line it is pure quality.   They are known first and foremost  for their cleansing program, which starts with the First Cleanse (15days) for first timers all the way to a more advanced seven channel of elimation cleanse, which is called Cleansmart (30days).   They also have cleanses that work on specific parts of the body, for example the Liver Cleanse or the Lung Cleanse.     They have special FibreSmart formulas, Ultimate Probiotics, digestive enzymes, and colon soother products for people with IBS.  

Now Renew Life has come out with what is being called the Ultimate Fish Oil.   They are of superior quality and have been compared to Nordic Naturals or Eskimo 3 Enzymatics fish oils.   In fact the Norweigian Gold Ultimate Fish Oils exceed world standards for fish oil quality and purity.   Most of us know why we take fish oils, but just to re-cap and re-fresh fish oils nourish the whole body because of their essential fatty acids such as EPA and DHA.   They promote healthy skin, brain, heart, nervous system, joints  and they help reduce excess inflammation in the body.  

What are the advantages with Norwegian Gold Fish Oils?

  • They are enteric coded to ensure that they are delivered directly to the intestines.   When this happens you getstomach-diagram 3x the absorption.
  • They included the the fat digesting enzyme called lipase for easy digestion and to  eliminate burping up fish oil.
  • They have a one a day serving!  
  • They really mean quality and purity.   Norwegian Fish Oils are sourced from sustainable wild and unthreatened fish found in cold pristine waters.   These waters are naturally lower in toxins such as: PCB’s, mercury and pesticides.
  • Their testing and certification consistantly receives a 5 star raiting by the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) program.
  • All their fish oils are encapsulated in natural fish-derived gel caps!

How Much Fish Oil Do you Need?

  • For someone with no health concerns it is recommended to take a combined dosage of 1000mg of EPA and DHA.   This dosage is to maintain tissue health, skin, brain and joints health etc.
  • For someone with heart problems, unhealthy arteries, high cholesterol, joint pain, low mental acuity or other health conditions it is recommended to take a dosage as high as 4000mg of EPA and DHA.

Norwegian Gold Product Line: They have 4 Fish Oils

  1. Super Critical Omega (Total Omega 3 – 1025mg)
  2. Critical Omega (Total Omega 3 – 840mg)
  3. Daily Omega (Total Omega 3 – 400mg)
  4. Easy Omega (Total Omega 3 – 380mg)

For more information of the break down of the EPA and DHA for each product, or if you are wanting to know which one you should take based on your current health as always we are glad to help you!   Please come see us about any Renew Life Product; we would love to help.   You can find us at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus.

4 thoughts on “Renew Life: New Fish Oil called Norweigian Gold

  1. I am reading your blog with great interest as I am Registered Holistic Nutritionist with my own Nutrition Consulting practice in Toronto. I often purchase products from your store at Bloor West Village.
    Question: Do you sell Krill Oil? I have done some research and noted Health expert Dr. Mercola promotes it as the best form of absorbable antioxidant as well Omega 3. It is also bio-sustainable source with less exposure to toxins.

    (Also sorry to bring this up, but is anyone proofing your blog? I am finding many spelling mistakes)

  2. Thank you so much for your support. Yes we do sell Krill Oil and it is in our winter fall flyer which will be on until January 31st 2011. The PDF version of the flyer is in the following article:


    Once you are looking at the PDF Flyer you will find the Krill Oil (Brand Sun Force) on P.10.

    Also I really appreciate your feedback on the spelling. I have known about this and I really need to do something about it, and I will fix this. Thank you again for your support and all the best to you.

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