"Don't go under the knife, try the natural way"
"Don't go under the knife, try the natural way"

Firm N’ Gro is the  natural and safe way to go if you wish to have larger and firmer breasts.    According to the American Surgens of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) in 2008 more than 350,000 thousand woman had breast implants.   Many people feel we should be happy with what we have, but people always want what they do not have or what is thought to be what  the opposite sex  desires.     Since this is the nature of people, woman should know about Firm N’ Gro, which is one of  the natural ways to firm and enlarge their breasts.

After women give birth the common complaint is that their breasts have never been the same and they are looking for something to help.   Firm N’ Gro can help  women achieve this wothout having to go under the knife.

How does Firm N’ Gro work?

Firm N’ Gro works with the glandular system.   Not only will it make your breasts larger it has also helped many women with their PMS symptoms.   The dosage is very important in order to achieve results.   While women have seen results with one box, it is crucial that women follow the while program in order to maintain all the work you have put into this.  

Why use a naural method and what could be the potential risks of breast Surgery?

  • All  surgery involves risks, so  if it is not absolutely necassary such as having a breast reduction  which can create health problems, then avoid it.
  • After the surgery you cannot go back.
  • You always have to  be under general anesthesia when having breast augmentation.
  • After breast implants you run the risk of not being able to breast feed.
  • You run the risk of one or more of the following: infection, pain, bleeding, implant rupture and/or tissue breakdown.
  • Transplanted tissue can form lumps called “fat necrosis.” Lumps in the breast causes anxiety and uneeded stress.   Stress is the cause of other diseases such as cardiovasculae disease.   We need to lessen stress as much as possible. If the lumps do not go away, more surgery will be required down the road to ensure it is not cancerous.
  • You will have scarring. Some may be less obvious than another.
  • You run the risk of not liking to style of your breast augmentation.   Remember there are many different shapes a breast can take on and not all surgeons will do it they way you were expecting it to look like.
  • Let’s face it, it just doesn’t look natural.

Of course many women are perfectly fine after they have undergone breast surgery even some of my friends have done it, but they admit that they feel very fortunate that nothing went wrong and wish that they had taken a natural approach.

Firm N’ Gro is one of the more complicated products that needs further explanation.   If you are considering  altering your breast remember to  look out  for your breast health.   You can do this by using a natural approach such as Firm N’ Gro, with the added benefit of larger and firmer breasts.     Come and visit us at Alive Health Centre and we will explain the dosaging, how long it takes to see results, and what the ingreedients are!

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