Joy of the Mountains 2 SKU with Award and BookJoy of the Mountains Oil Of Oregano is in our FALL 2015 flyer now.   Sale is effective until October 21st 2015.   Read Below to learn more!

Beats Superbugs! Conquers Insect Bites!

Joy of the Mountains has built a reputation for the highest quality Organic Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil, containing naturally high levels of the active ingredient Carvacrol (75-85%). At a time when superbugs are spreading through our communities and hospitals have become hotbeds for drug-resistant infections.  The need for safe and effective alternatives for treating bacterial and viral infections has never been greater.   Oil of oregano outperforms all others when tested against today’s most virulent germs. Did you know that oregano oil has proven to be more effective than leading antibiotics? BENEFITS:

  • Prevents colds & flu’s from starting,
  • Fights fungal, bacterial, viral & parasitic infections,
  • Relieves symptoms of cough, congestion & nausea,
  • Relieves inflammation when applied topically.

Joy of the Mountains is Voted #1 Immune Product, Alive Awards 2014. Lastly… Too HOT To Handle? No problem, now comes in liquid vcaps, but with the same great benefits of the liquid!

Purchase any size bottle and get a free copy of “Your Guide to Oil of Oregano” (one per customer).



Price: $34.99             Size: 90 Vcaps

Price: $16.99             Size 15 ml

Price: $26.99             Size 30ml

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m new to Maple Ridge and can’t find my favorite Tea; Pukka (Detox)
    Do you carry this brand?


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