BEFORE Shannon Chung Spring 2008: Hair Loss

In an earlier article I provided a regime on how to combat hair loss.   The following is a link to my previous article on  The article covered all of things we can do to prevent hair loss, or get hair back once it has been lost.   One of the key supplements when dealing with hair loss is Vegital Silica.   I have been taking  Alive Vegital Silica for  about a year and a half  for my hair, skin,  nails and bones.   I have seen a tremendous difference and people that know me cannot believe  the change in my hair!    It is always improving, but I thought I would post a before and after picture so you can see for youself.   Not only did I experience dramitic hair loss, the little  hair that I did have was incredibly thin and broken.   I could not wear a head band or  a hair  clip of any kind at one point; it would just fall  out.

AFTER Shannon Chung Fall 2009: Hair Growing Back Using Alive Vegital Silica

So how much should you take?   For severe hair loss take 4 capsules of Alive Vegital Silica everyday; 2 after breakfast and 2 after dinner.    On average people see results in about  three to six months.   Also I was doing other things like ensuring my protein intake was sufficient as well as using Shen Min Topical Hair Solution.   I  massage Shen Min into my scalp every night.   Also I make sure that I do not use any harsh chemicals in my hair.   I use Herbal Glo Thinning Hair Shampoo and i try to avoid any hair product like hair spray.   Internal is the  first  and best thing you can do for stopping hair loss.     Don’t forget that this is not a miracle, you have to make taking your supplements a high priority.   Think of it as important as brushing your teeth.   Once you start seeing the results you will be so happy.

New Look Same great product!
New Look Same great product!

As  always  we hope we see you soon!   We would love to help you with your hair.  No one wants to live with hair  loss if they don’t have to.   There  are many ways to combat hair loss, again  read the previous article on hair loss for a solid regime.   The link is posted above.   Alive Vegital Silica is only available at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus.    We have had this high quality silica for years and it has helped many customers over the years.   The key is to remember to take it everyday morning and night.   Remember, Vegital Silica is not only important for your hair, skin and nails, it is also vital for your bones!   When taken correctly, it has been shown to repair little tiny fractures in the bone.   When you are continuously repairing your skelatal system, it makes it even harder for you to break a bone if you were to fall.   A long time customer of ours who is in her 70’s told us she has been taking our Vegital Silica for years.   One day she fell and she went to the doctor to make sure everything was okay and the doctor was surprised that she didn’t break anything at her age!

Happy New Year!   Here’s to Health and Happiness!   See you soon.

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