Protein Shakes

Shannon’s Favourite Protein Shake Recipe!

Posted on March 2, 2011

I absolutely love having smoothies in the morning to start off my day with energy and stamina!  Sometimes later in the afternoon if I am hungry wanting a healthy alternative; having a shake is a great way to go.  When I am in a rush I just do the quick water and powder in my little cup and GO!  Sometimes customers, friends and family tell me they just don’t have time to make a protein shake, but really it doesn’tRead More

Vega Shake & Go Smoothie

Posted on October 24, 2010

The Vega Shake & Go Smoothie is becoming quite the hit!  While the Vega Whole Meal replacement is still extremely popular, customers have been asking for a long time to have Vega make something that is easier for on the go.  Well, the Shake & Go Smoothie is the answer!  You still get the whole food goodness, along with a smoothie taste of four flavours to choose from, and it can be made instantly with just water. The New VegaRead More

NEW Product: Super Foods Daily Power Shake

Posted on June 29, 2010

STEP 2 of Dr. John Gray’s superfoods program is to include a protein shake.  The beauty of the Daily Power Protein shake, is that it is available in both whey and vegetarian protein.  Both Formula’s Provide The Same Following Results: Improves mood Increases energy Supports adrenal glands Balances blood sugar Reduces cravings Boosts digestion Now we will start with the vegetarian formula.  The Super Foods Daily Power Shake Vegetarian Protein is free of wheat, gluten, and dairy.  The protein comesRead More